Jumat, 18 April 2014

Transcripts SMS Touching The Ship Will Sink Current Students

When the ferry South Korea (ROK ) , Sewol , which carries 475 passengers began to sink , 325 people from those who are high school students Danwon grabbed their cell phones and start sending messages to their loved ones .

Launch of the New York Times , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) , there are several transcripts of SMS students who panic and proclaim themselves when the ship would sink . The following excerpt from the transcript of the text.

Shin Seong - hee heed the advice of the ship communications officer , who told passengers to stay inside rather than evacuate . Her sister showed text messages between Shin Seong - hee with her ​​father told reporters .
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Seong - hee : "Dad , do not worry . I was wearing a life jacket , and my friends all holding together . I was in the boat . Still in the corridor . "

Dad : " I know the savior will come , but why do not you try to go outside ? "

Seong - hee : "Dad , I can not run right now because of all the kids in the hall . And because the ship tilted too much . "

Since then , the father has not heard back from her daughter 's .

Other students , Shin Young - jin sent a message to her mother , who made ​​a reference to the service message , broadcast by the Korean media .

Young - jin : "Mother , I say this now because I may never be able to say , I love you . "

Mother : "Why, I wonder why you do not check messages on KakaoTalk . Would I, my son ... I love you . "

Shin Young - jin is still alive after the incident . Another student , Kim Hyun - yi called his father and told him that the ship was sinking . She said she was holding on to some sort of pillar and cry . This girl said she still wanted to live .

Dad : " You have to continue along with your friends. Never lose them . "

The father and son then lost contact , but a few hours later he called his father to say he could survive such events .

Another with Kim Min - kyu . 16 -year -old man was sending a text message to his girlfriend , Jeong Geum - hwa . The text message sent while on the ferry .

Min - kyu : " Ahh ... The ship turned ... "

Geum- hwa : "What, what are you talking about ? "

The girlfriend was not heard from him since the delivery of the message. A South Korean media also broadcast the message of a male student with his brother .

Student : " We were on the ferry to Jeju Island . Then ferry crashed into something . Boats do not move and make a rescue team or something is coming . "

The elder brother : " Is it really bad ? "

Student : " I am on the inside, so I do not know about it . Receipt of data is also not so good . , But only the coast guard came , finally . "

The elder brother : " Ok , if the rescue team came , they would soon come . Vain So do not go this way and that. Just keep yourself , alert and calm , and do as instructed . Moving as fast as they tell you . Contact me again when you have a good signal .

Viewing messages in KakaoTalk conversation , the last message sent to her sister 's brother has not read , and the student has not been found .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Female passenger carriages Rated More Selfish

A number of women service users Jabodetabek KRL Commuter Line argues , for this level of social sensitivity in common carriage is higher than a special car .

According to them , it is sometimes difficult to find a female passenger in the carriage who willingly give up their seat to the priorities , such as pregnant women or women who are carrying a child .

It is said Lenny Tristia ( 35 ) , a regular user KRL departing from the Western Cape Station , South Jakarta . He claimed KRL often ride along with her ​​daughter who is 8 years old .

Typically , Lenny felt more comfortable ride common carriage so that he and his son could get a seat .

" The level of selfishness in a special car for women is higher than common carriage . Usually when in public carriages and the men immediately realized that I see with my son again standing , " said Lenny , who was met at the station Kompas.com Sudirman , Thursday ( 17/4 / 2014 ) .

It is not much different Cornea disclosed Khairany ( 24 ) , KRL from Bekasi users . According to him , most of the female passengers in the carriage with a cynical view when the chair asked others who are in need .

" Fellow girl weve so , hard to give us a place to sit . Ask if there are places to sit , they quietly wrote . Been no pregnant woman standing in front of the priority seat , but baseball is one that ngasi seat , " he said .

According Anggrita ( 24 ) , one of the users from Bogor KRL , who used to sit in the passenger seat of women are often unwilling to give her seat among the priorities .

" Give hell give , just as he so furious . They are also the usual , lazy create standing . Anyway women better looking seat was actually in common carriage , " he said .
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Previously , crowded reported , an electric train called Dinda users complained on the social networking Path after his seat requested by a pregnant woman . Estella Dinda reap the scorn of social media users . He is considered to have no sympathy for his own people .


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Pledge: Prabowo-Ical "One Man Show"

Political observers of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) Pledge assess Nusa Bakti , hard to read would be an ideal candidate for vice president of the Board of Trustees chairman Prabowo Gerindra and Golkar Party Chairman Ical Bakrie alias . Because , Prabowo and Ical regarded as a difficult figure touched and tend to move on their own without involving a lot of input .

" I see it like that , he was considered a one -man show , Ical well . Their wishes so hard reading about his running mate , " said the Pledge when contacted on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Pledge said , both Prabowo and Ical never explicitly mentions the vice presidential candidates they want . This is in contrast to the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo or Jokowi , who has called the criterion vice dreams have in common is the party's platform and ideology .

In many occasions , said Pledge , Prabowo and more Ical deliver a number of programs that will run if given the opportunity to lead later . Gerindra heavily echoed economy, while Indonesia Ical with vision toward 2045.

"It's just campaign promises , not necessarily also later executed . Prabowo and Ical hard of hearing input from people who are not of the circle . Avoid running mate just used spare tire , " he concluded .
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After the legislative elections , based on a quick count , there are at least three parties are likely to carry the presidential candidates , the PDI - P , Golkar , and Gerindra . If the PDI - P has Jokowi as would capresnya , then Golkar has Ical , while Gerindra has Prabowo . However , the third parties should form a coalition to be able to carry the characters in the presidential election .


29 April, Samsung Mobile Mainstay New Release

SEOUL - Samsung reportedly will release Galaxy phones S5 Zoom on 29 April 2014 in Singapore. It is based on Samsung's invitation to the media to attend an event on that date in Singapore.

In a large plastered invitation letter 'K' which is believed to be the series of Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy K. huh latest series of Samsung Mobile is touted as the Galaxy S5 version of Zoom. The event is named Samsung Media Day and will be held at Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore on 29 April 2014.
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In a written invitation Kapture The Moment. The use of the letter 'K' looks replaces the letter 'C' which is supposed to be the word Kapture. Capture that could be interpreted portraits, indicates a device that menitikfokuskan ability on camera. From this prediction launch Galaxy S5 Zoom so strong.

Citing reports PhoneArena, Tuesday (04/15/2014), the Galaxy S5 Zoom predicted to have a specification 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1,289 x 720 pixels, a six-core processor Samsung Exynos SoC Hecta 5, Mali-T624 graphics card with 2GB of RAM. Resolution 20MP rear camera with 10x optical zoom with Xenon flash, 2MP front camera, and run Android 4.4.2 with KitKat.


Senin, 14 April 2014

Fuad Bawazier Coming to the Commission, Met or Examined Person?

The Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) check Hanura politician , Fuad Bawazier , regarding the case of alleged money laundering suspects Tubagus Chaeri aka Henry Ward . Former Finance Minister was questioned as a witness .

KPK spokesman Johan Budi SP said Fuad examination today, Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) , an additional examination of the investigator .
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But when arrived at the KPK building , Jakarta , Fuad denied his arrival for tests . He reasoned , was about to meet someone . " I have not checked . Want to meet people . Later I explained everything , " he said .

It is not known what the relationship between Fuad with cases of alleged money laundering Henry . When confirmed , Johan said he did not know about the examination material .

Previously , Tubagus Chaeri aka Henry Ward snared two money laundering legislation . First Article 3 and Article 4 of Law No. 8 of 2010 on the Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering ( AML ) .

Second , the husband of South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany it snared Article 3, paragraph 1 and Article 6, paragraph 1 of Law No. 15 of 2002 as amended by Act No. 25 of 2003 concerning AML in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 . ( Raden Trimutia Hatta )


Minggu, 13 April 2014

Observer: Coalition of Islamic Political Parties Have No Strong Footing

Political analyst , Ray Rangkuti , said discourse coalition of Islamic parties do not have a strong foothold . Even thought, berasaskan Islamic political party , not in accordance with law .

" Because there is not constitutionally called the Islamic political parties , " said Rangkuti when contacted Kompas.com , Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) .

He said that , according to Article 9 of Law No. political parties . 2 In 2008 , that all parties must berasaskan Pancasila and the Constitution 45 . So he says , is not appropriate if berasaskan Islamic political party .

In addition, said Rangkuti , a political party with aspirations of Muslims , also lead to chaos . He revealed , almost all political parties are identified as the Islamic party , the fact is that party membership is open to people of non-Muslims .

" All Islamic political parties now exist , and conversely many parties that ' Islam ' in which not a few non -Muslims, " said Rangkuti .

He also mentioned , is the goal , the political parties do not have the same view . They arise from the different ideals about how the country is managed . " Interestingly , not seen none of their leaders who can unite these parties , " said Rangkuti .

Based on this consideration , according to him , the formation of a coalition of Islamic discourse was more appropriately seen as wishful thinking and imagination rather than facts . Options that are available , said Rangkuti , only joining coalition on two main axis .
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" Coalition which seems to be led by PDIP , or another coalition that is likely to be led by Gerindra , " said Rangkuti .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

72% of U.S. Residents Reject Google Glass

Pros and cons related to the use of smart sunglasses Google Glass in rolling back public space . After being banned in some public places , now according to the results of a survey research firm Toluna , revealed that about 72% of citizens of the United States ( U.S. ) rejected the widely Glass Google marketing .

Citing pages Cnet , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) , privacy and security reasons most concern expressed by the participants of the survey conducted Toluna . Two of the five men was deeply concerned privacy of data can be accessed by the people who use Google Glass . While others may suspect staked his personal activities secretly by Google Glass .

However, the results of the survey also revealed Toluna if 28 % of Americans are excited by the presence of Google Glass . Google's first smart glasses judged capable of becoming an alternative to a smartphone device that is able to support its activities .
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Previously reported by CNN page , one of the most controversial features of the Google Glass is the availability of a small camera that can record 720p video or snap photos . There is no indicator light that indicates the camera is on , so it is feared could be used to record the privacy of others secretly .

Google itself is known to have recently opened sales of smart sunglasses Google Glass premiered to the public specifically for consumers in the U.S. . This is Google's initial sales of Glass to the public . Glass was initially only marketed to developers only through the " Explorers " , but then I expanded it .

Sales will be open on April 15 starting at 09:00 am New York time up to 24 hours ahead online . Google Glass sold for USD 1,500 ( approximately USD 17 million ) .